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It all starts because you can't find your place in life. You know something's missing, but you're just not able to put a name on it. Your brain somehow does not want to see this empty space in your heart.  Nobody notices this breakdown you're going through. You're  bored. Not bored because you're unhappy. You're bored because you are longing for a friend "the" friend that never comes and even if on the outside you seem happy, you know that deep, deep down inside, there's this one thing missing.

As you're sad and bored, you end up doing some things you wouldn't have done even a couple days ago. You turn on the internet, you browse a hundred thousand pages, going from gardening to "vets-on-line" and, all of a sudden, just when you are about to log off, you notice that little sparkle at the bottom of the screen: get a penpal. If you were a cartoon character, that's just the moment when the little light bulb would shine right above your head: that's the idea!

So you open the page, fill up a profile and hope someone will just notice you...someone who's longing for a friend as much as you are. Then comes disappointement: between the scammers and the perverts, there's not much room left for kindness and friendship. That's when you begin to think that the whole "penpal" thing is just another "web-trap" for fools like you. In order to be sure you've done everything you could to prevent yourself from going nuts and start a conversation with your plants because you feel so helplessly lonely, you look closer to the penpal site and you suddenly notice this stupid "random" button. So you do what you have to do: you push it...

And that is, I believe, the moment the magic happened: You first notice the person you're about to read has taken some time and filled thoroughly a long profile. Some would say too long, maybe. But not me. To me, it could have gone on and on for ages, I would have read it all with the same interest.: the more I read, the more I could read about myself. It is so strange when you read things you could have put yourself on paper... and this nickname! Must have been sent from up above, no doubt.

But then occured to me that the worse was yet to come: if I took a chance, would this person answer back?

"No pain, no gain" they say...so I took a chance and dropped a line...well, maybe two.

Patience is not my best asset. Don't get me wrong, I have an endless patience for the people I know and care for, but but just as I have no patience at all for the postman, I have even less for e-mails!
But then again, there must have been a "lucky star" above, looking down at me, cause I soon received the most unexpected gift I could get: I've found a friend.
Call me stupid, go ahead, but I know it: I've found a friend for life.

So if anyone ever tells you that you can't meet any interesting and honest persons on the net, don't believe them: once in a million, you get that chance.

Now, to miss that chance or not, it's all up to you....

What happened next in this fairytale?
Well, they lived happily ever after, of course!

And if you promise to be nice, I may even write more about it someday...

This article is dedicated to my friend. So far, yet so close. Hugs.
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once upon a time i found a friend on the internet as well... even if our paths took separate ways since then, she has been a true friend for two years. And when I read what you said, well, i identified with you... So i wish you all the best for the future, and your English is great!
No fairytale begins with easy things, then the continuation is more beautiful. I do not believe that such meetings, even "virtual", are the fruit of the fate: we have all something to bring... Did the addressee read this beautiful article? He doubtless read so beautiful things outside ;o), didn't he?!  I like " so far, yet so close " it is so true... I can understand how you feel. kisses my friend, I wish you lots of happiness, you know it
Tain tu fais celle qui sait parler anglais :o)
Mechant, va! C'est pas le but de l'operation: c'est juste que j'ai eu une envie subite de faire plaisir a quelqu'un de tres, tres special. Jaloux!
yeah !! That's some story !!Hum.. you shoud right in English more often !! Hi hi !! I like that !Ok so, have a good afternoon, see you later alligator !Take care !Boubou
I can do that...my english is not as good as I wish it would be, but somehow, people seem to understand...so why not. Thanks, My Boubou, greetings
Ben....euh.....pas vraiment anglophone, je passe mon chemin sans comprendre ! :-((Bon lundi miss PapatteBisous :0010:
Il y aura peut etre une version en francais d'ici peu si les interesses se manifestent. Bisous ma Cali